365 Days of Thank You Notes: #5 – My Father-Law, Jack

Toby's dad, my father-in-law - Jack Jackson

January 5, 2011

Dear Jack,

Thank you for being such a good man.  Thank you for always showing me kindness and love.  From the moment we first met – all those years ago on our first trip to San Jose – you have been so dear to me.

Thank you for allowing us to share your home – your space – during our time in California.  So many wonderful Sunday dinners!  Thank you for trying to get me to eat tripe.  YOU tried!  I laughed! HA!  Thank you for your constant generosity – in so many ways.  Thank you for heading to Disneyland with us and the Children’s Garden kiddos – and especially, for taking such tender care of Elizabeth when she was nervous and frightened.  Thank you for loving those children so fully and dearly – showing them and teaching them what it meant to be a part of a “family”.

Thank you for making me laugh!!  ALWAYS! Being around you, I know I will always be laughing…. sometimes, even, at myself.  Thanks for that, too – helping me learn to laugh at myself. Thank you for sharing your quick wit and your INCREDIBLE intelligence.  Thank you for your total frankness, and humor, when we discuss “issues”.  HA! HA! Thank you, even, for taking “issue” with the word” issue”!  HA! Do you remember that one?  Thank you for all those intense discussions about education…. I so love getting “into it” with you!  I always look forward to our social and political discussions – wherever they may lead.

Thank you for always asking about my parents and my brothers…. for caring about those I love, even though you don’t really know them.  Thank you for being my “facebook friend” – I love knowing you are reading my posts and keeping an eye on what’s going on in my life.  Thank you for driving thousands of miles in the almost 19 years we have lived in New Mexico.  I know it’s getting harder to make the trips, but I so appreciate that you do.

Grandpa Jack and Katie - 2000, in Victoria, TX watching out for the gators in the pond!

Thank you for raising such an incredible son in Toby. Thank you for encouraging his creativity, HIS quick wit, his curiosity.  Thank you for enabling him to go back to school at UT … so he and I could meet. 🙂 Thank you, especially, for trusting him when he told you he was getting married…. again! Thank you for showing him love, compassion, kindness, structure, hard work, perseverance, faith and trust as he grew into a man – so that he was able to then show all these to me and to his own children.  He is such an incredible father to our children because you were an incredible father to him.  Thank you.

Thank you for doing your best to get and stay healthy.  Thank you for quitting smoking all those years ago.  Thank you – because of your hard work – we have had more time loving you, laughing with you, learning from you, and sharing Katie and Sean with you.  Thank you for that most precious gift.

I hope you know how dearly I love you and how blessed I feel to have your love. I am so proud to call you my father-in-law…. My heart is filled with true affection for you.  -Paula

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