365 Thank You Notes: #7, My Son – Sean

So – here it is only January 8, and I’m one behind already. Goodness! I’m not going to fall into a crazy pit of self-blaming and guilt – geez! it’s only 8 days in…. so instead, I am reminding myself (and you) of what I said on January 1 – that some days I might not write one, but would make it up and do more than one on another day…. and I will.

I’m just about done reading “Julie and Julia” by Julie Powell. Whenever I get to thinking about what I have set out to do – 365 Thank You Notes in 365 days – I also then think about Julie Powell and her insane goal of 524 incredibly complicated and intense recipes in 365 days and I realize how easy my job is! So I take a breath and move on with my day and my thank you notes! Ha!

January 7, 2011

My sweet Sean 2yrs old - 2000

Dear Sean,

You are so much fun! I LOVE being your mother so very much! Thank you for being my son – for being the best son ever!! Thank you for being so happy. From the moment you were born with a sweet smile on your already chubby face to yesterday evening when you got “grumpy” – you were still HAPPY!  Couldn’t stay grumpy for more than a few minutes. You’re even happy when you’re asleep – a smile on your sleeping face. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful to others. Ever since you could walk and talk, you’ve been watching out for others and paying attention to their lives…. giving hugs at the most-needed times, offering a kind word or simple gesture of thoughtfulness…. it all comes so natural to you – and it makes you who you are…. a beautifully kind and compassionate young man.  Thank you.

And thank you for always being so kind and loving to me. Thank you for all my back rubs, foot rubs, and head rubs! Thank you for getting me cups of tea and glasses of water. Thank you for taking such great care of me when I was so sick a few years ago…. and any time I’ve been sick, really.  You’re always there checking up on me and bringing me anything I might need.

My always silly Sean!

Thank you for making me laugh! SO MUCH!! Your hysterical take on life is so refreshing. Your insane sense of humor is so much fun!  Thank you for your amazing laugh… who knows what it might be that makes you laugh at any particular moment… but when you laugh and giggle so hard that tears come to your eyes and your body shakes and wiggles, I feel such overwhelming love and joy.

Thank you for being a good and loyal friend and always watching out for them.

Thank you for always keeping justice, fairness and equality in mind as you experience the world. I know it isn’t always easy to witness the unfairness of the world; especially the world of a 12-year mid-schooler; but you’re learning how to handle it so gracefully…. And you’re learning when it’s good to take it easy and when it’s best to move for justice.

Thank you for being so darn smart!  I love how your brain works and your immense curiosity for life. Thank you for loving school and all it has to offer.  I know, I know – you say you don’t really love “school”, you love being with your friends all day. But I know your “secret” – I know you love the learning, the challenges, the information and the fun you have at school…. and you always have! Ever since loving Monte Vista Day Nursery  to all your

Sean - 4th grade

classes at Monte Vista with the best teachers on the planet… you have loved school.  Thank you. And thank you for doing so well in school. Yes – you’ve had your ups and downs with homework…. But the great majority has been UPs! And the great lessons in responsibility and time management you have learned are priceless.  Thank you for working so hard and being so open to learning.

Thank you for sharing your love of Legos with me! Aren’t they great? Thank you for creating the coolest creatures, spaceships, ornaments, spinning tops and buildings.  Thank you for teaching me ways to build things and sharing easy building tips with me.

Thank you for being such a fun-loving little brother to Katie. Thank you for learning to respect her boundaries, but still finding ways to connect with her. Thank you for caring about her and asking her about her life and cheering for her at her races and being proud of her. Thank you for being nice to her. So many siblings spend their youth torturing each other – not you two.  You have a really beautiful relationship… thank you for being a part of that.

Sean, by Katie - Dec. 2010

Thank you for all the cool Lego “guards” you built for me when I was sick. They sat on my

bedside cabinet “watching out” for me … every time I saw them, I smiled – knowing the care and

Sean, Katie and I - Balloon Fiesta 2010

tenderness you put into building them.  Thank you for all the chores you do around the house – many of them without even being asked… and, a lot of them without any complaining. It’s nice knowing I can ask you to do something – and there is usually very little protesting on your part – thank you.

Thank you for all the great little notes you used to write  me – I still have all of them. Thank you for the creative and detailed pencil drawings and geometric creations, too.

Thank you for being such a great ROAD TRIPPER! I love how excited you get for our long-distance drives and your positive, happy attitude during the long drives is awesome – and so helpful.  Your first road trip – a drive to Lake Herron when you were barely 3 months old – was a screaming, crying, 10-hour disaster and we were worried it was a foretelling of drives to come! Luckily, it wasn’t; and every other trip since has been fantastic.

Thank you for loving music! I love listening to you sing – especially when you think no one can hear you. And I enjoy to much the shared love of the “classics” you and papa have.

Thank you for the dinners you cook for all of us and the endless grilled cheese sandwiches you make for me.

Thank you for your hugs. You give the GREATEST, most loving, completely unabashed hugs of anyone I know.  Your hugs fill my heart… I never want to let go. But when we do let go, I am left with such a warm and fulfilled feeling. Thank you.

I could go on and on… but I think you get the gist…. THANK YOU for being my son, for being the amazingly kind, polite, loving, smart, strong and funny person you are. Being your mother and sharing this world with you makes me a better person.  ~ Mama

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